Hyperdata Knowledge Management System

A set of Linked Data-oriented browser apps. It could be described as a Headless CMS where the notion of Content is expanded.

It's a one-person effort by me, Danny Ayers, though totally sitting on the laps of giants. It has quite a long history.

By expressing the data in RDF and interacting with an SPARQL store (I'm using Fuseki) the same underlying data (and potentially any other Linked Data) can be used across many different user interfaces.

The knowledge management system I want is one that will directly help my projects. Simple version - I have a todo list. Each item has resources associated with it that are only a click away.

The links in the navigation bar above are things that I'm developing and/or using.

Right now I'm building/updating all of these simultaneously, so any/all could be broken. They share the same backend SPARQL Store and essentially the same architecture, which I'm calling SPARQL Diamonds. As I move forward them individually I'm trying to align to some common libs.

Other bits and pieces that are around here include :

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