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Published on 2000-01-01 by @danja

far in the future

I feel very stupid.

I've written several blog engines in various languages. Never once started from scratch on design. What I mean is that I've always taken as my requirements the bits I liked about other blog engines, prioritised a bit, followed that to-do list. Never started with an absolutely minimal reverse-chrono

I rather like this mode of blogging, type markdown into VSCode, converts/formats it, use git (in a script) to transfer to server.

First, add a bit to p (publish) to ssh into server, then :

cd /home/hkms-apps/hyperdata-static
git pull

Soonish :

I reckon I'll split up, modularise a bit. Even if I move to all SPARQL-backed for the blog, it's bound to be useful somewhere.

Things for later :

Turtle plugin for markdown

similar to

Requirements :

  1. independent of, but compatible with existing markdown tools
  2. extensible, reasonably modular
  3. block identifier & delimiters
  4. useful defaults, easily overriden

For most of 1 & 2, make it easy to put in pipeline, something like :

markdown, other = mx(markdown_with_extensions)

for 3, maybe :

mx:turtle '''

<this> a x:That.

For 4, for starters I'd probably be good to had some standard prefixes as default, added by the processor, which could be overriden :

mx:turtle mx:prefixes '''

prefix ...

<this> a x:That.


>>> pair = (1, 2)
>>> pair
(1, 2)
>>> x, y = pair
>>> x
>>> y

>>> pair[0]
>>> pair[

Markdown Extension Vocab, mx: