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llama_index SPARQL Notes 14

Published on 2023-09-10 by @danja

Add OpenAPI keys.

Endpoint :


sudo /usr/local/nebula/scripts/nebula.service start all
cd ~/AI/nlp/GraphRAG/src
export PYTHONPATH=$PYTHONPATH:/home/danny/AI/LIBS-under-dev/llama_index

Fool Danny!

I'd made rels() as a placeholder for get_rel_map() while testing. Forget to wire it in when running end-to-end.

Connecting that up (and a few little tweaks) got rid of the recursion issue.

Yay!! I might be missing something obvious but it now appears to work!

Now to tidy up, then set up a demo Notebook.

Ew, I got the recursion/depth error again.

Ah, interesting!

I was giving it 2 questions :

The first the LLM should be able to answer but the RAG data would be no use, and vice versa.

When I removed the cat query, no recursion error. So I guess maybe the LLM was returning TMI.

So I'll leave cats out for now.

Back to setting up a demo.

Grrr. Accidentally stuck a big file in a repo, got in a tangle with github. Headache, time to stop.