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llama_index SPARQL Notes 12

Published on 2023-09-07 by @danja

cd ~/AI/nlp/GraphRAG/src
export PYTHONPATH=$PYTHONPATH:/home/danny/AI/LIBS-under-dev/llama_index
python /home/danny/AI/LIBS-under-dev/llama_index/tests/storage/graph_stores/

That took a while but I now have results like :

{Peter Quill: [
                    'Peter Quill, -[was abducted from Earth]->, as a child',
                    'Peter Quill, -[is leader of]->, Guardians of the Galaxy',<-[are attacked by]-, Adam',

Ah, but as a string. Need to add a loop on the subjs and tweak data accumulation to conform to:

    def get_rel_map(
        self, subjs: Optional[List[str]] = None, depth: int = 2
    ) -> Dict[str, List[List[str]]]:

Hmm, I don't really understand that return shape. And I've overwritten the log that had it...

sudo /usr/local/nebula/scripts/nebula.service start all
cd ~/AI/nlp/GraphRAG/src
export PYTHONPATH=$PYTHONPATH:/home/danny/AI/LIBS-under-dev/llama_index

if, get_rel_map() :

        # We put rels in a long list for depth>= 1, this is different from
        # SimpleGraphStore.get_rel_map() though.
        # But this makes more sense for multi-hop relation path.

the results in the log look very like what's produced from SPARQL above. Ok, time to try it.

First, at


little char problem, ChatGPT time

Ah, SPARQL encoding different from Python on Spanish n with wibble

It might now be putting what it should in the store (took a few minutes), but it crashes with :

  File "/home/danny/AI/LIBS-under-dev/llama_index/llama_index/response_synthesizers/", line 142, in get_response
    return self.get_response(
  [Previous line repeated 980 more times]
  File "/home/danny/AI/LIBS-under-dev/llama_index/llama_index/response_synthesizers/", line 96, in get_response
    summary_template = self._summary_template.partial_format(query_str=query_str)
  File "/home/danny/AI/LIBS-under-dev/llama_index/llama_index/prompts/", line 206, in partial_format
    return SelectorPromptTemplate(
RecursionError: maximum recursion depth exceeded in comparison
 File "pydantic/", line 337, in pydantic.class_validators._generic_validator_basic.lambda13

Hmm. A loop or just to big?

      PREFIX er:  <>
        BASE <>

SELECT DISTINCT ?rel1 ?obj1 ?rel2 ?obj2 WHERE {

GRAPH <> {
    ?triplet a er:Triplet ;
        er:subject ?subject ;
        er:property ?property ;
        er:object ?object .

    ?subject er:value "Peter Quill"  .
    ?property er:value ?rel1 .
    ?object er:value ?obj1 .

    ?triplet2 a er:Triplet ;
        er:subject ?object ;
        er:property ?property2 ;
        er:object ?object2 .

    ?property2 er:value ?rel2 .
    ?object2 er:value ?obj2 .