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llama_index SPARQL Notes 09

Published on 2023-09-04 by @danja

I lost internet connectivity last night, woke up this morning with no electricity. The electric came on pretty soon - I had been warned ENEL were messing with the village wiring. The net took a trip into town to sort out (billing error, and then they took ages to switch me back on). The money I was expecting hasn't yet arrived t the bank, so still no OpenAI credit. So I spent most of the day staring at the wall/Twitter.

Ok, it seems like I was looking at the wrong place to put the query. Not query() but :

    def get(self, subj: str) -> List[List[str]]:
        """Get triplets."""

The implementation in is scary!

Fool Danny, I forgot to put a logger bit in to check what gets returned there.

In :

    def get(self, subj: str) -> List[List[str]]:
        """Get triplets."""
        return self._data.graph_dict.get(subj, [])

Wey mentions 'flattened' around get_rel_map(), where the subject is given with a list of associated rel, obj. But this looks less flat.

I'll assume for now, if data =

"one", "two", "three"
"one", "two", "four"
"two", "two", "four"

get('one') will return :

[[`one', 'two', 'three'], ['one','two','four']]

Now I'm confused. I did put a logger into get(), list of lists, lol. Nothing came out.

Ok, I'll make a helper method that acts as above, see where it go when I can see the behaviour again.

@prefix er: . @base .

Query like :

PREFIX er:  <>

    GRAPH <> {
        ?triplet a er:Triplet ;
            er:subject ?subject ;
            er:property ?property ;
            er:object ?object .

        ?subject er:value ?subj_string .
        ?property er:value ?rel .
        ?object er:value ?obj .

Ok, that worked via Fuseki's UI. For code, replace ?subj_string with {subj}. Put it in def sparql_query(self, query_string):

sparqlwrapper will not doubt need help producing what I want, need to RTFM there, results.response somewhere - if it's available as a list of lists that'd be nice.

I'm using GET method, I don't like POST unless really necessary (it's floppy in the spec).

I must make an endpoint-focused test for this

Wired in to get(), that'll do for today.