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llama_index SPARQL Notes 21

Published on 2023-09-20 by @danja

I've been fixing some of the things GitHub complained about when I did a pull request. Luckily things that ChatGPT can help with.

I've added type annotations to, started writing some tests.

added sparqlwrapper to

ok, ChatGPT got the shape of the returned values wrong (so much for type annotations!) but was easy to fix.

Next is the more challenging one,

Give ChatGPT a zip. Include paths.txt so it gets the imports right.

"I wish to create a pytest test. I will now upload a zip of files. Look at the functions in and their relation to functions in, remember these. I will then give you further instructions"

"I would like a test file, that will test all the functions in Much of this will be very similar to as they both follow the same interface, I would like you to go through every function in one at a time and create at test for it. Don't show me any results until this is done. Combine them into and give me that. Keep explanation to a minimum. Do not ask me for confirmation, just continue until you have a full response."

much time, many prompts later...

9 errors. I noticed "EndPointNotFound"