Pet Profiles

for FOAF and RDF

Semantic Web development so far has shown an unjustifiable bias towards two-legged creatures.This experiment is an attempt aimed at redressing the balance.

update : 2004-08-04

Nothing much has happened. Except a correction to the ontology/schema - non-existent owl:range now replaced by rdfs:range. Thanks jsled.

update : 2004-04-28

I've got the XSLT+CSS version working, and also have set up a simple backend for storing the profiles. I think I'll move all the demo stuff over there, and just keep the background docs and schema here.

Here's an example: Sambuca (view source to see the RDF), XSLT, CSS and resulting HTML

update : 2004-04-24

The ontology has been changed somewhat, which has been reflected in the Pet-a-matic.

I've also tried direct CSS styling of the RDF/XML profiles, and there's a sample here: Sambuca

This is only likely to display correctly in Mozilla-based browsers. View source to see the data. I've not updated the XSLT stylesheet to reflect the changes in the ontology, but that should provide better cross-browser support.

Earlier material

Basil ( styled! - view source for the RDF/XML)

schema rendering stylesheet : owl.xsl
CSS for the schema profiles : style.css

XSLT for individual profiles : pet.xsl
CSS for the individual profiles : pet.css

Four legs good!

2004-04-20 Danny Ayers