Using Web Beeps in Broadcast Recordings

Simply use the form on the home page to enter the text or URL you require to turn it into tones. Use your audio editing software to paste it wherever you like. The generated tones are already padded with a little silence, that should be left in place. To make it easier for client applications to extract the tones, it's recommended that they appear near natural breaks in your recording, e.g. a good place for a channel ident would be in the first or last few seconds of a broadcast.

Web Beeps may be used freely without charge, there are no additional copyright/trademark restrictions.

Adding Web Beeps to Web Pages

Once you've created your beep file and uploaded it to your server you can link it in like so:

<a href="url_of_your_beeps.mp3">Web Beep<img src="" alt="web beep icon" /></a>

There are various icons/logos you can use, see below.

But you can add a player and/or more metadata to make it more discoverable, for example using microdata :

<div itemscope itemtype="">
   <span itemprop="name">Web Beep</span>

   <script type="text/javascript"><!-- optional Flash player -->
      var fo = new FlashObject("", 
      "flashPlayer_719", "358", "16", "6",

   <meta itemprop="encodingFormat" content="mp3" />
   <meta itemprop="contentURL" content=""/>

or like this:

<span class="description">

<span itemprop="description">Web Beep for <a

<a href="url_of_your_beeps.mp3">Web Beep<img src="" alt="web beep icon" /></a>



Using Open Graph Protocol

<html prefix="og:">
      <meta property="og:audio" content="" />
      <meta property="og:audio:description" content="Web Beep for this page's URL" />
      <meta property="og:audio:type" content="audio/mpeg" />


The system here is built as a Web service, but you may wish to build your own system, e.g. as a little mobile application. If you don't want to implement the encoding/decoding yourself, feel free to use this service.


The Best Web APIs are just Web Sites, and this site isn't anything fancy, the API is as follows:

Encode : HTTP POST a named parameter inputText with the string to encode to the URL which accepts UTF-8, form-encoded data, 63 characters or less.

Decode : HTTP POST the audio in mono mp3 format to URL as multipart/form-data. An audio file will be created with a URL based on the resulting string, with characters escaped as follows:

"/" is replaced with "S_"

"#" is replaced with "H_"

For further information view source of the home page and server-side source code.

Implementing Web Beep Yourself

The easiest way is to clone the code. It's open source. There are no hard-and-fast restrictions on its use, although I would very much appreciate a link back to this site somewhere, especially to the specification.

If you want to build a different version, see How It Works. It's not rocket science.


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