I enjoy making stuff. Most of the information I've needed to make stuff has come from the Web. I've also got a terrible memory, and finding things on the Web can be time-consuming. Altogether it makes sense for me to write stuff up on the Web. If this material is useful for anyone else, great. I reckon making stuff is a very good idea, and it's almost always good fun. Things rarely turn out the way they were planned, on the upside you can get serendipity, one the downside things can go horribly wrong - so you learn stuff.

So this is a list of dedicated write-ups. There may be related material scattered on my blog, for now there's only search, though I do plan to add cross-linking of some description before very long.

Each of these documents is based on my own experiences, drawing on other Web resources for references. I'm not an expert on any of these things, still learning, so the information is just my best effort at the time of writing. Expect incomplete, patchy, rambling and incoherent.