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For background see : Kodaly Music Hand Signals. Code.

Click the 'Change' button or press the 'q' key to be presented with randomly-chosen hand signals and a corresponding tone.

The prompt images are side views, I believe the hand should be pointing forward

To capture images from camera, begin by clicking the 'Start Camera' button. You will probably be asked if you want to allow the camera to be accessed - accept this.

You should now see a live image coming from your camera.

Clicking the 'Capture' button or pressing the 'w' key will take a snapshot from the camera.

This hasn't been properly tested/adjusted for mobile devices - the captured images appear off the right (reports appreciated)

You should see three static images. The first is the original image from the camera, the second this converted to greyscale, the third is the greyscale image scaled down to 28x28 pixels (for MNIS-compatible data). Clicking the 'Save' button below these images will bring up a 'Save As..' prompt. The name provided for the image will correspond to prompt given.

Depending on the browser used, the 'Save As..' dialog may be bypassed. On Firefox, this should happen without any modification. On Chrome you will need to open Settings:


Choose a suitable directory for the images and then turn off Ask where to save each file before downloading

Notes/code for converting the images to MNIST format will appear once I've figured it out...

If you wish to help me with this by capturing a bunch of 28x28 hand signal images, please zip these into a single file and place somewhere I can pick them up. (Or if the file size isn't crazy, just mail it to me). Suggestions very welcome - easiest probably sent via twitter.

Contact : Danny Ayers

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