hyperdata.it Site Setup

This page will (hopefully) develop over time. Is mostly for my own tracking, notes-to-self.

Motivation is fourfold :

  • make life easier for myself
  • a bit of semweb outreach, make life easier for other people
  • expose the work I’ve done as a portfolio to get contract work
  • have fun


Setting up https was horrible. Really confusing.

I did the openssl generation thing. The certificate is on gandi.net

Ended up with 3 files : something.key, something.crt, something.pem (the latter an intermediate).

Got it working pretty much through trial & error.

A big part of the confusion is the dir setup of xampp vs. standard Apache2 install. It seemed like all 3 of these files were being read :




– and a load of others, possibly /opt/lampp/apache2/conf/httpd.conf …


I’ve got Ubuntu running on a Linode server with a basic XAMPP installation and WordPress on top. I’ve also transferred data from my previous blog and set up a theme I liked the look of. There are still loads of minor issues relating to this I need to sort out.

I’ve got quite a lot of projects over on github/danja that I’d like to get live here. Most are built around Linked Data/Semantic Web technologies. Most are work-in-progress (over a long timescale!) and having them live should help inform development.

But the biggest priority is to set up HTTPS. This is standard good practice and soon I want to add some kind of user auth & access control across the site. (The obvious candidate for this is WebID and the related specs around Solid-OIDC. I’m out of touch with recent developments, but it looks like I should start by setting up a Solid Server and having a play.)