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is a test.

Bum, didn’t work.

I quite like this WordPress Theme ‘Coldbox’, one of the first I saw & tried. But was annoyed by the fonts offered. Had a nosey around, it does look like its options are hardcoded.

My gods, WordPress is convoluted. Simple question – how do you change the default font?

Seems a popular option is to use a plugin, which in turn will probably use a Google Font. Maybe pay for the plugin.


I’ve poked around with WordPress a bit, its code hooks and stuff take a bit of getting used to (I’m very much still learning) but do seem to make a lot of sense. Idiomatic, but few idioms, I’m sure once you get to know them, no biggy, pretty well thought out.

But correct me if I’m wrong, CSS, Cascading Style Sheets has a built-in way of, errm, cascading, like, pretty much tree model of what to apply where. A programmatic way of inserting bits is fair enough, as long as you can trace it back. Which seems virtually impossible in WordPress. That there is a commercial ecosystem of plugins to do this seems extraordinary.

So, try to put my own typeface in, in Coldbox: style.min.css (assets/css/style.min.css). Nearly got it.

Except I don’t think I’ve got path/URL right (I really don’t know CSS),

@font-face {
font-family: ThrumsSerifRegular;
src: url(/thrums.ttf);

p {
font-family: ‘ThrumsSerifRegular’;

Thrums‘ is what I called my one and only attempt at making a typeface. Even cutting ever corner I could – no serif pun intended (using another font as a template so the kerning etc. should have been ok) was still much more work than a very big tree’s life is long enough for.

I called it Thrums because that was the name my grandfather in Carlisle called his house. He was a printer. Peculiar word, ‘a continuous rhythmic humming sound‘. I got that in my head after working on this thing for ages. Like a Dr. Who thing.

The qqqqqqqqqqqq up there were a test because I gave up at that point. The tail of a q. Could not get it to work. So is very wonky.

Was a good thing to try, def prefer it to Helvetica. And even if I haven’t got it to work here yet, it has cascaded up to something better that the default.


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