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Yet another blog site.

Annoyingly, I posted the stuff below to Facebook first.

Post to blog first, excerpt to other people’s platforms second, please danny.

Now what can I use for a featured image?

Ah – this was in the eatery we went to this evening:

(Ew, and change this horrible typeface).


After a few weeks on other things, decided I’d better get back to hacking a bit more on SparqlPress (a WordPress plugin).

A very, very obvious thing that hadn’t occurred to me, was eating my own dogfood. Thing is, when I’ve done any blog posting of late I’ve used WordPress, on the free version of wordpress.com.

Hah! So why not set up my own install, work on that with my own stuff. Possible bonus, might encourage me to blog more. Setting up was straightforward, up to a point. I have DNS with gandi.net, have used linode for hosting in the past. Locally, for playing with WordPress I used XAMPP (on Ubuntu).

That seemed very straightforward, so I repeated the process on a live host. But the install took me to : http://hyperdata.it/wordpress/ I don’t really want that.
Must be easy to change to /blog..? Nope. Forgive me, I’m not a WP or PHP expert, but it appears that WP_HOME and WP_SITEURL are defined in at least 3 places : the database, wp-config.php and (per-theme) functions.php.

Which all seems rather smelly.

I haven’t find a combination of changes that worked. I suppose I could do a .htaccess redirect /wordpress/ -> /blog/, but that doesn’t feel right…

What’s more I very want some definitive URLs for posts etc. in SparqlPress. (Ok, maybe I need to pop that in as an option in SparqlPress).


On the plus side, Export/Import from the other WP blog was remarkably painless. Praise be to XML! (Bit funny, it’s RSS 2.0 but very RDFy). I was curious how they’d do the images (hex in the XML?) – appears that the Export script gave URLs, the Import script went and got them. Mighty seamless.

Also on the plus side, I didn’t waste more than a half hour looking for a Theme I quite liked.

Negative side, the Theme I quite liked really calls for Featured Images, which means a lot of manual nonsense…

Still, I’m very happy, made a lot of progress in a very short time.

Oh, this is funny – seems I set up the WP blog in 2007 (playing), only started posting there regularly late 2013. Was blogging almost daily on my own (clunky Java) setup from at least 2003. I’ve got the /text/ of that in RDF/XML somewhere, so should be straightforward to get into this WP install (SPARQL & XSLT or JS I guess). No idea how I did the images, might just have been files on the server. Looks like archive.org did capture a lot.

eg. https://web.archive.org/web/20030329215925/http://dannyayers.com/

I’m sure I blogged on Blogger for a bit…no doubt other systems too. First things that I posted that might be considered blogging was a few static journal-like pages I stuck online when in Sri Lanka, 2000. I was a bit late to the party.



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