State of Play

These are the projects I’m working on. All are open source, most code etc. is at My Home Page is at

This doc is a work in progress.

Hyperdata Knowledge Management System

Status : subsystems in different stages

HKMS is the umbrella name I’m using for a variety of applications on a variety of platforms. All these applications will use a common SPARQL store as database. In effect, the applications are different views of the underlying data. Facilities I’m after are :

  • notetaking (FooWiki, Thiki)
  • bookmarking (Foolicious)
  • project management (Trellis)
  • automated information gathering (NewsMonitor)
  • Web publication (Seki, Clonio)

The motivation is that while there are very sophisticated and useful tools available


Status : hardware v1 done, software mostly in place, close to v1



I just got a new computer which has come like a shot in the arm. After a couple of years using an ultra-cheap laptop, it now feels like a lot of friction has dropped away. Motivation has rebounded, feeling a lot less overwhelmed. But I’ve maybe a dozen projects, hardware (analog & digital) and software (Web server, client, desktop, mobile, embedded) all ongoing, even if most have these have spent a lot of time on the shelf.

Time to make a list.


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