Odd Corvid-19 Thoughts

Some Conspiracy Theory Bits Below

Oh, where to start, I live in Italy.

Personal experience, mostly just low-level inconvenience. I do generally go out a couple of times a week, desire for human company. But I have gone for weeks on end without anything more than a ciao before. We went to Lucca mid-February, she spent an hour in close with travelling people sorting out passport things. We both had flu symptoms a few days later, hope that was Sars-Cov-2.

Yeah, bloody typical, got together with a nice woman just as it kicks off. Local, so don’t have to have much physical separation until now.

Bloody typical, she’s a medic, technically retired here but medic stuff is what she does, proper surgeon stuff, gynacology. Was trying to get back into work in Ethiopia, old people accepted. Through the Church, ironically. Seems like the Catholic church is how best to medicine in some places. (Prayer not working?).

She starts work soon doing home visits on coronavirus people.

Bloody typical, she’s been bring me Red Cross parcels.

Onto the opinionated stuff:


Italy has been sane. I think they did lockdown with good timing and have quite a good medical system, very good scientists advising and the government, for all it’s faults, took note.

I mostly listen to BBC Radio 4. Read the Guardian.

But I don’t think it’s left-wing biased to say the UK gov is shit. The spokes-thing, is full of dissembling and lies, Trump-like. The cunts are lying. They fell for their own Emperor’s Clothes. One cannot live on spads alone.

Testing. Check the Germany figure to UK, just saying.

IF YOU WANT TO UNDERSTAND SOMETHING you must observe, look at it, test, test, test.


If you are trying to model this thing, I suggest you add a couple more parameters for not-true-records. Some governments have said things that aren’t true. (UK included).

I hope everyone takes that as read. Do statisticians?

Right, so. I think men did step on the moon, but on balance, JFK wasn’t killed by Lee Harvey Oswald.

Covid-19 possibly did come out of a lab. The arguments in the Nature paper are unconvincing. Read between the lines, they say it’s not made in a lab because we wouldn’t do it that way.

I heard a lovely, in the convincing sense, narrative about this. China spent many years not allowing more than one child. Now they have have a populace skewed towards old people. Time we sorted that.

China has a quasi-totalitarian state, it’s not out of the question.

America is embarassing.

Notable that Downing Street has started using Whitehouse tactics: gross lies, obfuscation, but with confusion. Say one thing this week, the opposite the next.


Just a thought. A lot of of us are too busy to go food shopping. Deliver me a week’s worth parcel of goods appropriate to me. Vegans: basket of twigs. Veggies: some lovely fresh produce and a few sausages, Carnivores: lard & tripe.

Seriously, it could be A Thing. Food parcel. Some good shit for this week, no need to shop, good nutrition. Click your preference, between puffer fish and chips.


Well fuck you boys and girls. Keep using planes and automobiles, your generation dies young, your children suffer and die young, your grandchildren suffer apocalypse and your great-grandchildren grub for worms.

Right now there has been a drop on oil-using transport. Shouldn’t we use it as a ratchet? Like, we don’t need to fly 200 miles after all. Can mostly work from home. Paperless office.

Invest in trains.















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