Position Statement

I do not fear AI or robots. I fear humans.
Within the next 30 years (again) a very good chance of computer-generated creatures being close to thinking like a small dog. Is all good. Another industrial revolution.
Look at those factory jobs robots are doing, is brilliant. So everyone has to retrain as a computer programmer. Well grab your wifi.
Bit stupid in that they are mostly making cars, but have to start somewhere.
Things have changed massively in my lifetime, for the positive generally.
The AI vision stuff is brilliant, maybe we can get cars off the road.
Bit slow on getting politicians out of the way.
Plenty of human bastards around. They are the problem.
I don’t think we’ll see proper AI in the next 100 years, we are too tied to the ground, a reality that would take a century to learn, even given the raw material.
Predictions: Google will burst, there will be a nasty thing over oil before long. Things don’t usually go bang, whimper is the word.
I hope the humans will pick up on the detritus from the big politicians, am optimistic.


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