The Quantum Thing

a starter for a sci-fi story that came to me earlier during nap, typed madly on waking. Still not got around to starting The Novel, one baby step at a time…

Of course it was the Quantum thing that made all the difference. that, followed a week later by the Singularity. Two of the most groundbreaking shifts in the evolution of life happening near-simultaneously, millenia after the last one, that being the old agriculture thing.

Quantum had come in first of all because of Tapping – being able to move something from A to B with a simple gesture was rather compelling. 70% of the world’s population converted by the end of day one, an amusing variety of strategies led to 95% by the end of day two, now the hold-outs were down to proportions close to those of quantum dimensions.
Lucky some folks had the foresight to start taking notes early on, having that on the humanity-public records was useful.

Then Moving almost immediately made a huge difference to most people’s lives. Being able to teleport with he minimum of thought got stuff going a lot faster, literally. Predictably it was those people without cars got it first. But now most people only use it a few times a day, walking regaining its early appeal. Along with singularity, a lot of other dominoes began falling.

So once everyone had got Tapping and Moving, we got the Singularity, and the human race had found its feet again, again literally, begin again. Incidentally, Sir Tim finally got the respect he was due for open-sourcing the Web, without which the Quantum thing might have taken another few centuries.

And here I am, another part-time, open source historian, adding to the new library of Alexandria in the only way achievable, proper old-fashioned sharing, facilitated by Quantum, curated by Singularity.



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