For want of a nail


I’ve just been trying to replace the PSU in the music room computer with an old, working one. Was going fine until I got to a drive connector, SATA on the one I was replacing, doesn’t exist on the older replacement.

I checked last night to see roughly how much a new PSU might cost, is in the region of €25, sourced locally a wee bit more. I spent my last $$$ soon after on medication to see me through the week. No point in asking the girlfriend to front me on this, she’ll only point out that I’ve easily spent that much on booze in the past week.

Now this might not seem a big deal, but that power supply means whether or not the music room as a whole can function. Right now the music room functioning is a prerequisite for a danny project that I’ve been calling the best idea I’ve ever had, probably the best idea I’ll ever have. We’re talking magnum opus here. Defining moment in this otherwise inconsequential life. Feeling derailed over a €25 PSU. Damn, that’s a painful place to be in. (Afraid I can’t reveal what the project is, for it to work it has to be presented as a fait accompli, proper press release etc.).

Stand back, breathe deeply. Is it actually in the critical path? Well no, I guess could work around it: I’ve got a clunky old stereo A/D-D/A thing I could use with Rosegarden or somesuch on this laptop.

Is it time-sensitive? Well, not so much I guess. Still plenty of other bits to get out of the way as well, some of them involving a lot of work. Part of the reason I believe the project will work is because of it’s audacity and originality. It is very simple conceptually, I’ve no doubt it’s been thought of a thousand times before. But implementation-wise that’s another story. My rather, erm, eclectic, skill set means I know how to pull all the necessary parts together. Most people would be blocked on some aspect, would file it away and move on. Is anyone else likely to come up with the same idea and build it in the next month or so? (The time before my next paycheck is likely). Seems very improbable.

So, no reason to panic. But still a bit demoralising that I could have got into a situation where €25 could be a major issue, at the age of 51, for heaven’s sake.

Oh well, another cliche to add to the litany.

For want of a nail the shoe was lost;
For want of a shoe the horse was lost;
For want of a horse the battle was lost;
For the failure of battle the kingdom was lost.

All for the want of a horse-shoe nail.

– possibly first used in full about Richard III (of rhyming slang fame) at Bosworth. Source (obviously) Wikipedia.


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