Functional tuplespace?

I know quite a few folks around here have the same problem as me when it comes to making something: getting sucked into making tools to make (tools to make…) that something. Same phenomenon whether it’s a coding project or a wooden spoon.

But I might now be taking it up another level – making a methodology to make (tools to make)+ something.

I really need to refactor out my wiki code some more for all the usual reasons (ditto my ongoing Seki code). I’m most used to object-oriented programming, so that seemed the obvious direction. Thing is, so much of this (and much other) web code is about data flows and transformations (which may or may not be event-driven), which are (kinda) closer to functional and/or pipeline/ flow-based programming. Given that I’m communicating with (kinda) a tuplespace, the (Semantic) Web, approaches like that of Linda also come into scope…

Anyhow, Class-Responsibility-Collaboration cards are a nice easy visual aid, essentially UML lite.
I reckon I need to define a new kind of card to add to these, for playing with/defining (pipeline) process/transformation black boxes.


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  1. Hi, I think we have a similar view on a possible methodology of building semantic web apps. I have been working for my PhD on an experimental platform for pipeline-style development of linked data apps ( It is very prototypical but I want to continue working on that direction.

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